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Base Knowledge and Understanding

Base knowledge and understanding



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The aim of this lesson:

  • To be able to discuss the natural and human causes and consequences of a specific river flood.
  • To be able to examine the human modifications of a floodplain and their effect on the size and probability of floods.


A flood is a natural hazard

Therefore there is an 'extreme natural event' and a 'vulnerable population'. Revise 'What is a Natural Hazard?' here.


"Humans make bad floods worse"

Discuss this statement. Do you agree or disagree? Can you think of any examples?


Which socio-economic conditions intensify flood risk?

What makes a population more vulnerable?
Geography Activities


Geography Activities

2010 Pakistan Floods


The Guardian
  Pakistan's floods are not just a natural disaster [5 August 2010]
The Guardian
  Pakistan floods: villagers in Sindh plucked from endless sea [5 August 2010]
  NASA: Unusually Intense Monsoon Rains [11 August 2010]
BBC News
  Pakistan floods: Maps and graphics [16 August 2010]
  Aljazeera: 'Timber mafia' made floods worse [17 August 2010]
BBC News
  Pakistan braces for economic impact of floods [21 August 2010]
  Wikipedia: 2010 Pakistan floods
Geography Activities

Case Study Notetaking Frame

Freshwater: Flooding Case Study Notetaking Frame
Freshwater: Flooding Case Study Notetaking Frame
Geography Activities

Urbanization - human modification of a floodplain

mind mapping software
  1. Discuss different sources of water in an urban environment (greywater vs sewage) and the need to keep them apart.
  2. Write a definition for each of the words in italics, on the sheet.
  3. Add the nine boxes of additional information (found at the bottom of the sheet) to the correct parts of the diagram.
  4. Expand upon what is meant by 'water resource problems', 'pollution control problems' and 'flood control problem' - add some real world examples.
Geography Activities

Urban flooding and possible solutions

  Global Toronto - Why Toronto is flooding [8 July 2013]
The Guardian
  Flat roofs may be the answer to managing urban floods [21 February 2014]
Geography Review



Prepare your introduction and conclusion paragraphs for the following exam style question:

Discuss the roles of both physical factors and human activity upon a specific river flood. [10 Marks]

The markbands can be found here - you need to look at Paper 2.

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