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Base Knowledge and Understanding

Base knowledge and understanding



UNAIDS - Challenges by the numbers
[20 November 2013 ]
Video Clip
Data Visualization
Definition HIV / AIDS
Concurrency [as used by Hans Rosling]
Antiretroviral drugs
Sub-Saharan Africa
Unsafe behaviour [as used by the Guardian]
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Words to be defined
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The aim of this lesson:

  • To examine the geographic factors responsible for the incidence and spread of HIV/AIDS.
  • To evaluate the geographic impact of HIV/AIDS at national and international scales.
  • To evaluate the management strategies that have been applied in any one country or region for HIV/AIDS.
Geography Activities

What is HIV / AIDS?

Hyperlink - What is HIV?
Geography Activities


Geography Activities
Geography Activities

The geographical background - the spread of HIV/AIDS


Produce a timeline of 10 key events that focuses on the geographical spread of HIV/AIDS.

Hyperlink - AIDS Timeline
The Guardian
  HIV and Aids: interactive timeline of a global crisis [1 December 2011]
Read the following webpage and make notes on the geography of the 'hunter theory' linked with 'When?' and 'Where?'. Using a mind map may make this easier to understand.
Hyperlink - The Origin of AIDS and HIV and the First Cases of AIDS
Merkador AIDS Prevalance Rates Visualization
Google Earth Placemark   HIV/AIDS Prevalence Rates Visualization [Source]

Using the Google Earth visualization, describe the pattern of HIV/AIDS prevalence across the globe.

Which continents are the most affected by AIDS?

Which areas have the smallest rate of infection?

Can you suggest reasons why?

  npr - Track The Spread of AIDS Across The Globe [25 July 2012]
Geography Activities
Geography Activities

The geographical impacts

AIDS ribbon
Dark and lighter green: Definition of "Sub-Saharan Africa" as used in the statistics of the UN institutions. Lighter green: However, Sudan and South Sudan are classified as North Africa by the United Nations.
Hyperlink - The Impact of HIV/AIDS in Africa

Geographic impact of HIV/AIDS and in Kenya


HIV/AIDS - Social

Hyperlink - HIV & AIDS in Kenya

HIV/AIDS - Economic

Hyperlink - The Kenya AIDS Response Progress Report

HIV/AIDS - Demographic

Hyperlink - Countries - Kenya
Make notes on the geographic impact of HIV/AIDS. Try to identify examples at national and international scales. It would be beneficial if you chose one country to focus the local and national information upon. It would also be beneficial if this country also have high rates of Malaria.
Google Doc
  The Geographic Impacts of HIV/AIDS [Google Document]
Geography Activities
Geography Activities

Management of the disease

The UN produced a new declaration relating to HIV/AIDS during 2011 which included a number of areas to focus on, with the target of reducing the number of infections to zero.
2011 Political Declaration: Targets and elimination commitments
Produce one presentation slide for each of the commitments - you could work with a partner (or in a small group) on this activity - alternate roles as you move through the commitments.
Make notes on progress that has been made in at least three different regions. Again - try to identify examples at local, national and international scales.
  World Health Organization - Key facts on HIV epidemic and progress in regions and countries in 2010
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