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Sustainability in Extreme Environments

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The aims of this lesson:

  • To be able to discuss the degree to which human activities in extreme environments are unsustainable.
  Syllabus linkage: Patterns and Change - Sustainability and the Environment

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Geography Activities


Geography Activities
Geography Activities

"Human activities in high altitude environments are unsustainable"
  Syllabus linkage: Tourism - The Alpine Ski Industry
  Eco-Business - Xinjiang to ban tourists to¬†glaciers [12 February 2016]

powder - How a Tarp Is Helping to Save Skiing in Chamonix [12 February 2016]

  Bloomberg Businessweek: Europe's Endangered Slopes [15 December 2006]
Geography Activities
Geography Activities

"Human activities in hot, arid environments are unsustainable"

[Watch from 2:28 to 12:49]
  Syllabus linkage: Agriculture in Hot, Arid Environments
  Syllabus linkage: Hot, Arid: Resource Development Uranium Mining in Niger
  SciDev.Net: Underground oasis may boost Egypt's development [10 November 2011]
  IRIN - Desert residents pay high price for lucrative uranium mining [30 March 2009]
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After looking at four areas of human activity in extreme environments (agriculture, mineral extraction in periglacial environments and mineral extraction in hot and arid environments and alpine tourism) do you think that human activities in extreme environments are unsustainable?

Draft a conclusion to the following exam style question:

"Human activities in extreme environments are unsustainable." Discuss the validity of this statement [10 marks] on facebook
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