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Hot, arid environments

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Base Knowledge and Understanding

Base knowledge and understanding


Annual precipitation - Draa Valley, Morocco

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The aim of this lesson:

  • To explain weathering and the processes involved in wind and water-formed features in hot, arid environments.
  • To explain the occurrence of flash floods in hot, arid environments.
Geography Activities
Geography Activities

Task One - Notes on Weathering and Erosion

Produce notes on weathering [such as exfoliation and salt crystallization] and erosion [focusing upon the action of the wind] in hot, arid areas.
Geography Activities
Geography Activities

Wind and Water-Formed Features

[Wind: Crescent (Barchan) Dunes, Yardangs, Zeugens | Water: Wadis, Mesas, Buttes and Spires]
Produce notes on the following wind and water-formed features.

Option 1

Take notes by hand
Answer the questions by hand - no note-taking frame

Option 2

Google Documents note-taking frame
Answer the questions using this Google Documents note-taking frame

Crescent (Barchan) Dunes



Yardangs in the Western Desert of Egypt
Yardangs in the Western Desert of Egypt | Source
Yardangs in the Western Desert of Egypt
Yardangs in the Western Desert of Egypt | Source


White desert


Arid Environment Landform - a Wadi, Morocco

Mesas, Buttes and Spires

Geography Activities


Geography Activities
Geography Activities

I-Spy in the Desert Task

I-Spy on the Pavement was published in 1961. Have a look at the style of the writing and images. There is always a description, a question and a points value. How many 'chair menders' have you seen on the pavement in your town/city?
I-Spy on the Pavement
I-Spy on the Pavement
I-Spy in the Desert

Produce your own version of 'I-Spy in the Desert - Landforms Chapter'. Your booklet should include descriptions, a question and an image of each of the landforms.

Geography Activities
Geography Activities

The Occurrence of Flash Floods

Make notes on the occurrence of flash floods in desert areas, including an annotated sketch of a storm hydrograph for a flash flood in a hot, arid environment.
  Wanderlust - Atacama Desert faces worst flash floods in 11 years
Geography Activities

Topographic Map Skills

USGS topographic maps can be downloaded, for free, from The USGS Store. Do a search for 'monument valley' to find the region of the Colorado Plateau, in Utah, which is characterized by a cluster of vast sandstone buttes.
Geography Review



These tasks were linked to the following IB DP Geography syllabus point:

Explain weathering and the processes involved in wind- and water-formed features. Explain the occurrence of flash floods.

'Explain' is a Assessment Objective 2 command term which is likely to generate 4 or 6 mark questions. Write a series of possible questions that you could be asked for this syllabus point. on facebook
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