Traffic management





Reducing congestion in cities

Rising bollards


Manchester Evening News - Car wrecked by pop-up bollards [15 February 2007]

  1. Imagine you work for the complaints department at Manchester City Council. How would you explain to the driver of a car that has been damaged by raising bollards why the bollards had been installed in the CBD (Central Business District)?

Park and ride schemes

York Park and Ride
  1. Produce some notes on 'Park and Ride Schemes':
  • What are 'Park and Ride Schemes'?
  • How do they work?
  • How do they reduce urban traffic congestion?
  • Give detailed examples of a 'Park and Ride' scheme from one urban location.

Alternative transport initiatives

VélôToulouse, Toulouse, France

BBC News - Boris bikes 'good for health of users', study says [14 February 2014]

  1. Print a copy of the news article 'BBC News - Boris bikes 'good for health of users', study says' and then with three different colours highlight the following:
  • How the bicycle scheme in London works?
  • Any negative elements to the scheme in London.
  • Any positive elements to the scheme in London.

Remember to add a key to the document to show what the different colours mean.


Congestion charges

  1. Produce a detailed case study of the Congestion Charges scheme in London, UK.

By producing your case study you should develop your understanding of the following:

1. How the scheme actually works – how is money collected?, how are cars monitored?
2. The geographical scale of the scheme.
3. The successes of the scheme.
4. Any negative impacts about the scheme.
5. The future of the scheme.



Watch this video clip about how New York is learning to combat traffic congestion from London, Paris and Copenhagen.