Squatter settlements



[15 April 2008]


  1. What do the words informal settlement/squatter settlement/Favela have in common?
  2. What is the movement from the countryside to the cities called?
  3. Give three reasons people may wish to [voluntarily migrate] move into a big city from the surrounding countryside.
  4. Give two reasons why people may have to [forced migrate] move from the countryside to a big city.
  5. How does the United Nations define an informal settlement?
  6. What risks are there for the people living in informal settlements?
  7. What social consequences can there be of living in informal settlements?

What are squatter settlements like? exercise

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[16 January 2015]
[6 October 2009]
[3 October 2009]

Use the four sources above to produce a detailed description of the Brazilian squatter settlements or Favelas. Your description could be presented as some images annotated in a programme such as Google Slides.



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