Out of town activities



The Rural-Urban Fringe (RUF) - North east Toulouse, France
The Rural-Urban Fringe (RUF) - North east Toulouse, France

What uses are there of the Rural Urban Fringe (RUF)?




Out of Town Shopping Centres

[3 September 2010]
[25 November 2019]

Your task is to produce a detailed case study for an ‘out-of-town shopping centre’. The sort of out of town shopping experience we are looking at may be called a ‘mall’ – a large, covered shopping centre that has lots of different big name stores. The shopping centre will probably have additional leisure facilities such as restaurants, cinemas etc. The shopping centre will be located on the edge of a large urban area, not in the CBD.

Your case study should answer the following questions:

  • Where is the out-of-town shopping centre?
    • Include a map and a written description.
  • Describe the out-of-town shopping centre?
    • How big is it?
    • How many shops are there?
    • What else can you do there other than shop?
  • When was the out-of-shopping centre built? and by whom?
  • What was there before the out-of-town shopping centre was built?
  • What facilities/services are available to make the shopping experience easier and more enjoyable?
    • Think about easy of access, car parks etc.
  • How many visitors does the out-of-town shopping centre have each year?
    • Can you find any information about the number of people who live with a certain distance or drive time (i.e. one hour)?
  • Has the out-of-town shopping centre caused any conflict in the local/regional/national area?
    • Try doing a news search for the out-of-town shopping centre you are studying.
  • Give at least four ‘amazing’ facts about the out-of-town shopping centre.

Airport expansion

[18 June 2007]

[18 June 2019]

Produce a case study of a proposed airport expansion using the 5 Ws of Geography case studies.

  • What expansion is proposed?
  • Where is the proposed expansion?
  • When is the expansion proposed for?
  • Why is an expansion needed?
  • Who would be affected by the airport expansion - negative and positive?