Managing housing shortages



[7 April 2006]

3 hours 26 minutes to build a house - a possible solution to house shortages?




New Towns

[19 January 2018]
  1. Watch the film ‘Charley in New Town’.  For each image, describe what they depict from the film and explain how it relates to the topic of ‘New Towns’.
  1. What is a ‘new town’?
  2. Describe the location of Stevenage.
  3. What was the Abercrombie Plan?
  4. When was Stevenage designated a new town?
  5. What is a ‘self-contained neighbourhood’?
  6. Describe the features of Stevenage that made it distinctive from ‘old towns’?
  7. How successful was Stevenage as a ‘new town’?

Housing Design

Micro Compact Home [m-ch]

Choose one of the designs and complete the following questions:

  1. Which design project have you chosen?
  2. Briefly outline the design project.
  3. How will the design project overcome the problems of housing shortages in urban areas?
  4. Would you like to live in the design that you have chosen? Make sure you explain your answer.
  5. Do you think that the design you have chosen will ever become a common site in the near future?


In all large urban areas, attempts have been made to solve the problems faced by the people who live there. These include problems such as housing shortages.

For a named urban area, describe the attempts which have been made to solve the problem which you have chosen. [7 Marks]