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The long profile of a river shows a steep gradient at the source, gradually becoming lower and less steep until the gradient is almost nil near to sea level.


River Long Profile

Rollover Image > Upper Course > River Long Profile

River Valley Cross Section

Diagram to show how the cross section of a river valley changes with distance from the source.

Case Study: The Afon Glaslyn, Wales, United Kingdom.

The Afon Glaslyn


Use Google Image Search to find images of each of the locations marked on the case study long profile diagram above.

Paste the images into a programme such as Microsoft PowerPoint to produce a description of how the gradient and valley cross section changes between Lyn Llydaw and the sea.

Give reasons for all the changes that you can see in the images.

Lyn Llydaw | Cwm Dyli | Llyn Gwynant | Llyn Dinas | Aberglaslyn Pass | Glaslyn Estuary
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