Youthful Population




Give yourself points as follows:
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  1. What is a ‘youthful population’?
  2. Define ‘fertility rate’?

The Guardian - High birthrate threatens to trap Africa in cycle of poverty [1 September 2006]

  1. Read the news article above.
  2. In which continent is Uganda? [1 mark]
  3. What will the population of Uganda do by 2025? [1 mark]
  4. How many children does a typical Ugandan women give birth to? [1 mark]
  5. What percentage of Uganda’s population is under 15? [1 mark]
  6. In terms of demography, why is such a youthful population a worry for the future? [4 mark]
  7. What is the global average fertility rate? [1 mark]
  8. What is the correlation between high fertility levels and poverty? [4 mark]
  9. What will Uganda’s growing population need? [4 mark]
  10. How could a high fertility rate cause conflict? [2 mark]
  11. What can help a country like Uganda reduce its fertility rate? [3 mark]
  12. Why does the Ugandan government not see the population explosion as a problem? [3 mark]
  13. What is the contraception situation in Uganda? [5 mark]


Use to find population pyramids for countries with youthful populations.