Population Policies








China's One Child Policy

You need to consider the following questions when thinking about China's One Child Policy.

  • Why did China introduce a ‘One Child Policy’?
  • What are the aims of China’s One Child Policy?
  • What does a family have to do in order to have a child? (except the obvious!)
  • What happens if a family has more than one child?
  • What are the disadvantages of China’s One Child Policy?
  • How successful has China’s One Child Policy been?

Research Task

Find the details of a population policy that has been introduced in an effort to increase population.  Your research should include the country, why the policy was introduced, how the policy works and how successful the policy has been?


BBC News - Map: Parenthood policies in Europe [24 March 2006]

Extension Task

Produce a poster for a population policy that is aiming to increase the number of children per family in a MEDC country that is suffering population decline.