The following map shows the location of significant earthquakes that have occurred in the past 30 days. The colour represent the age and the size of the circle the magnitude.

When are were was the nearest one to you? How strong was it?


USGS - Earthquakes - 30 Days, Significant Worldwide



Richter Scale

Earthquakes with 1,000 or more deaths since 1900 and Richter Scale Task

Construct a table in a spreadsheet that tabulates the Location, Deaths and Magnitude (Richter Scale) for the earthquakes that have happened since 1990. Produce a scattergraph from the data, plotting the number of deaths against the magnitude.

Is there a relationship between the magnitude (Richter Scale) of an earthquake and the number of deaths it causes?



Earthquake glossary

  • Aftershock
    • An earthquake of similar or lesser intensity that follows the main earthquake.
  • Crust
    • The Earth's outermost layer.
  • Earthquake
    • The release of stored elastic energy caused by sudden fracture and movement of rocks inside the Earth.
  • Epicentre
    • The location on the surface of the Earth directly above the focus, or place where an earthquake originates.
  • Fault
    • A break in the Earth along which movement occurs.
  • Focus
    • That point within the Earth from which originates the first motion of an earthquake.
  • Hypocentre
    • Another word for 'focus'.
  • Intensity
    • A measure of severity of shaking at a particular site.
  • Magnitude
    • A numerical expression of the amount of energy released by an earthquake.
  • Mantle
    • A zone in the Earth's interior between the crust and the core that is 2,900 kilometres thick.
  • Modified Mercalli Scale
    • An intensity scale that consists of a series of certain key responses such as people awakening, movement of furniture, damage to chimneys, and finally - total destruction.
  • Richter Scale
    • A logarithmic scale that measures the amount of energy released during an earthquake.
  • Seismometer
    • An instrument that can record the ground motion from an earthquake.
  • Seismic Wave
    • The vibrations from earthquakes that travel through the Earth.
  • Subduction Zone
    • The area or zone where two tectonic plates come together, one riding over the other.