Recycling and resource substitution



[16 December 2009]


  1. Watch the ‘Patagonia Common Threads Garment Recycling’ video (above). Outline what this recycling campaign involves.
  2. Do you have any criticisms of this recycling campaign?
[18 April 2007]

BBC News - UN outlines global e-waste goals [6 March 2007]

Read the BBC News Article ‘UN outlines global e-waste goals’ and answer the following questions:

  1. What is ‘e-waste’?
  2. How would efforts to ‘produce a global recycling standard, extend the life of products and improve the market for second-hand goods’ help environmental sustainability?
  3. How much e-waste is estimated to be produced each year?
  4. Which companies have signed up to the e-waste goals?
  5. What is ‘informal’ e-waste recycling?
  6. How can ‘informal’ e-waste recycling have health impacts?
  7. How can ‘informal’ e-waste recycling have environmental impacts?

BBC News - Cairo's devoted refuse collectors [2 June 2005]

Read the BBC News Article ‘Cairo’s devoted refuse collectors’ and answer the following questions:

  1. Where in the world is Cairo?
  2. Describe the location of Moqattam?
  3. Who are the ‘Zabaleen’?
  4. What do the Zabaleen do with the organic waste that they collect?
  5. How is the work of the Zabaleen ‘more environmentally friendly than the mechanised garbage crushing trucks from Europe’?
  6. How are the plastics recycled?
  7. What is done with the collected rags?
  1. What is ‘resource substitution’?
  2. Why did McDonald’s substitute the use of polystyrene packaging for cardboard packaging?
  3. Why have many Coffee House companies substituted the use of polystyrene cups for cardboard cups?


[14 November 2008]