Environmental issues



Climate Change - The Problem

[16 August 2016]

Climate Change - A Solution?

[5 February 2008]

Soil Erosion

[1 September 2006]


[26 October 2006]


  1. What is soil erosion?
  2. Why are soil erosion and natural hazard?
[15 March 2007]
  1. Where in the world is the Yellow River Basin?
  2. Describe the Yellow River
  3. Why was the Yellow River running dry downstream for some months of the year?
  4. How is the Conservation Agriculture Project combating soil erosion?
[12 April 2007]
  1. How do greenhouse gases cause global warming?

BBC News - Billions face climate change risk [6 April 2007]

  1. What do scientists think climate change is going to cause?
  2. Why do you think that “the poorest of the poor in the world” are “going to be worst hit”?
  3. What is predicted to happen with crop yields in Asia?
  4. What is the likelihood of climate change causing more warm spells and heat waves?
[16 October 2017]


Use the 'Pollution' clip above to produce an answer for the following exam style question:

Water and air may be polluted by human activities. Name an example of a place which you have studied where either the air or the water is polluted. Describe the causes of this pollution and its effects on people and the environment. [7 Marks]