Tropical rainforests



[5 April 2007]



Task One: Global rainforest distribution

  1. Using the map of global biomes (above) mark onto a blank world map the location of 'Tropical forest'. Ensure that your map has a title and a key. Add to your map the location of the Brazilian city of Manuas.

Task Two: Rainforest ecosystem climate graph

  1. Produce a climate graph for Manuas (Brazil) either by hand or using Excel. Steps to help you produce a climate graph in Excel can be found below. Rainfall data can be found here and temperature data can be found here.
[3 February 2020]

Task Three: Climate graph analysis

  1. Answer the following questions using your climate graph:
    1. Which is the hottest month?
    2. What is the mean temperature of the hottest month?
    3. Which is the coolest month?
    4. What is the mean temperature of the coolest month?
    5. What is the annual temperature range?
    6. Which is the wettest month?
    7. How much rainfall does the wettest month receive?
    8. Which is the driest month?
    9. How much rainfall does the driest month receive?
    10. Describe and explain the season distribution of temperature and rainfall.

Task Four: Video and note making

  1. Watch the BBC Planet Earth Jungles DVD using the following worksheet to help your structure your notes.


  1. Using only evidence from the diagram above, describe three characteristics of the natural vegetation in areas of tropical rainforest. [3 Marks]
  2. Explain the relationship between the natural vegetation characteristics and the climate of the tropical rainforest. [4 Marks]