Coastal landforms



What coastal landforms do these images show?

Coastal Margins: The 43 metre high Beachy Head Lighthouse and the 160 metre high Beachy Head


Coastal Environments - Beachy Head and the Lighthouse, England, United Kingdom

Cliffs - Beachy Head, South Coast, England.

Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire

Wave Cut Platforms - Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire, England.

Coastal Margins - peering out from a sea cave

Sea Caves - Sea Caves on the coast of Anglesey

The Green Bridge of Wales, Pembroke, South Wales, UK

Arches - Green Bridge of Wales, Pembroke, Wales.

Old Man of Hoy - Hoy, Orkney

Stacks - Old Man of Hoy, Scotland.

Jurassic Coast Coastal Landform - Cove - Lulworth Cove Panorama

Bays - Lulworth Cove, South Coast, England.

Coastal Headland - Worm's Head, Gower, Wales, UK

Headlands - Worms Head, Gower, Wales

Coastal Landforms - Chesil Beach and Fleet Lagoon, Dorset, United Kingdom

Beaches - Chesil Beach, South Coast, United Kingdom.

Spurn Head, Yorkshire

Spits - Spurn Head, East Yorkshire, England.

Coastal Settlements and Landforms - Portland Harbour, Chesil Beach and Weymouth

Bars - Chesil Beach, Dorset, UK.

North Gare Sand Dunes - Embryo Dunes

Sand Dunes - North Gare Dunes, Teesmouth, UK.

New Jersey Salt Marsh

Salt Marsh - New Jersey, USA.



Produce a revision style resource detailing the formation of one of the following landforms:

Cliffs | Wave Cut Platforms | Sea Caves | Arches | Stacks | Bays | Headlands | Beaches |Spits and Bars | Salt Marshes

Your resource should include the following:

  • How erosion and/or deposition processes produce the landform.
  • Maps and diagrams of the process of formation.
  • Examples of the landform(s) with at least two images/maps.
  • Links to the sources of information, images and maps.
  • Your target audience are fellow MYP/GCSE/IGCSE students.


You should answer the following exam question, by hand. You shouldn't chose the natural feature that you produced a wiki page for, or the one of the wiki page you reviewed.

Explain how the natural feature of Cliffs or Wave Cut Platforms or Sea Caves or Arches or Stacks or Bays or Headlands or Beaches or Spits or Bars or Salt Marshes are formed as a result of wave action. You may use (a.k.a. should use) labelled diagrams in your answer. [7 Marks]