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Topographic Mapping

Topographic Mapping

Section of designed to support the teaching of 'Topographical Mapping' - an optional IB DP Geography Paper 2 question.

Map extracted used: Loxton (May 2006), Leigh Creek South (May 2005) and Kingscote (May 2004). All map extracts are included with past papers in pdf form - ask your IB coordinator or contact IBO.



Be familiar with metric scales as representative of fractions, statements and linear scales. Measure and calculate distance and area.
Location Locate points by grid references (four- and sixfigure), latitude and longitude, and orientation by direction and bearings.
Relief Depict height and slope (spot heights, triangulation points, contours, layer and hill shading, cliff symbols), determine gradient and intervisibility, and draw sketch profiles.
Key (or legend) Recognize and interpret map symbols commonly used on maps from different countries.
Imaging Gain familiarity with satellite images, aerial and oblique photographs.

Physical landscape

Recognize and describe landforms and landscapes resulting from fluvial, coastal, glacial, arid and tectonic processes, and from rock type and structure.
Recognize and describe drainage patterns.
Recognize and describe the distribution and nature of natural vegetation cover.
Human landscape

Recognize, describe and explain patterns of land use.
Recognize, describe and explain patterns of settlement, including clustering and dispersion.
Analyse urban morphology using the spatial distribution of functions and functional zones.
Analyse rural settlements by function, size and form.

Appreciate the importance of site and situation to both rural and urban settlements.
Recognize, describe and explain types and patterns of communications, including street patterns within urban areas.

Integration of landscape components Understand that the physical landscape offers both constraints and opportunities to human activity.
Represent the landscape using annotated sketch maps.
Synthesize the human and physical components of the landscape, and draw conclusions and inferences. on facebook
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