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Population Structure

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Population Pyramids
Measurable characteristics, age–sex
pyramids and dependency ratios
Know the components of population structure (age, sex, education, occupation, religion, socioeconomic status, ethnic and marital status) and how this data is collected. Analyse age–sex pyramids in terms of overall shape, proportions in age, proportions in gender groups and breaks in slope, as well as changes over time. Calculate and interpret dependency ratios, growth rates (positive and negative) and doubling times.
Changes in population structure: the
demographic transition model
Identify and explain changes in population structure from data presented graphically or statistically. Describe and account for changes in the various stages of the demographic transition model. Apply the model at a global and national level and be aware of the model’s limitations. Interpret the way changes in the demographic transition model could be reflected in population pyramids. on facebook
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