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In the event of a beach landing, your seat cushion will act as...
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Growth of global tourism Recognize the different rates of growth around the world and the way that these are related to both demand and supply. Factors causing growth would be increased mobility, affluence, media coverage, organization of the mass tourist industry by TNCs and infrastructural improvements at destinations particularly in LEDCs. Understand that tourism involves both leisure and work.
Recent changes in the tourist industry Appreciate the expansion of tourism towards more exotic and remote destinations. Changes over time should be understood by applying Butler’s product cycle model to one tourist area.
Tourism as a development strategy Understand the growing importance of the tourist industry in several countries. Recognize the economic benefits (including increases in GDP), the multiplier effect and the social benefit of cultural understanding and language learning. Also recognize the following costs of tourism to the destination:
• economic costs (including leakage of revenue abroad through involvement of TNCs, the seasonal nature of employment and the development of wealthy tourist enclaves and neglected peripheries)
• social costs (including the dilution or “McDonaldization” of culture, the breakdown in family values and the growth of crime, alcohol, drugs, prostitution and diseases including AIDS)
• environmental costs (including the destruction of local habitats, land, air and water pollution).
Sustainable management of tourism Appreciate the concept of sustainability and, with reference to two case studies, understand the management strategies adopted to conserve a tourist destination (including ecotourism).
Use a study of Antarctica as an example of how the extension of tourism towards increasingly exotic locations on the global periphery can cause conflicts. on facebook
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