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Processes Operative Within an Ecosystem

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Food Web

Energy flows Understand how energy enters the system through photosynthesis, how it is transferred from producers (autotrophs) to consumers (herbivores, carnivores and detritovores), and the changes in energy and biomass from one level to the next.
Nutrient cycling Be aware of the major nutrient stores (biomass, litter and soil), the inputs and outputs of nutrients and how nutrients are cycled from one store to another. An understanding of the impact of human activity on nutrient cycling and plant succession is essential.
Plant succession Understand relevant terminology: seres, climatic climax community, sub-climax, primary and secondary succession, and sub-climax vegetation in the removal and replacement of nutrients. Study the concepts of invasion, competition and dominance. Develop an understanding of how plants modify the environment, making it possible for more demanding species to survive and more complex communities to develop. A study of one type of plant succession should be included such as a lithosere, hydrosere, psammosere or halosere. on facebook
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