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Human Activity and Ecosystems

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Oiled Pelicans
Image: Oiled Pelicans, a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (2.0) image from lagohsep's photostream
Impact of human activity on ecosystems Study the impact of human activity on ecosystems in terms of how this activity modifies the structure of the system. Study the processes that operate within the ecosystem in terms of changes in species diversity and number, input flow, output, energy transfer, nutrient cycle, productivity level and sustainability.
Human impacts: forestry, farming,
Study human impacts through detailed case studies of three ecosystems, including at least one forest and one grassland biome. Be familiar with the factors affecting
development of the selected biomes such as climatic factors (precipitation, temperature, wind, humidity, light, seasonality, growing season), soil factors (acidity, depth, texture, structure, organic, mineral, water and air content), landscape factors (aspect, slope, altitude) and biotic factors (competition between plants and animals).
Management and conservation Study the location, vegetation, fauna and soil type(s) associated with the relevant biome, as well as the climatic background. Understand the nature and intensity of the human impact upon the system, including management and conservation strategies. on facebook
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