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Concept of Development Understand that development is not only concerned with economic growth, but includes other aspects such as providing for people’s basic needs, equity and social justice, sustainability and interdependence. Understand also that development applies not only at the global/international level but also at the local and national level. Appreciate that the causes of poverty and inequality are fundamental to understanding the concept of development.
Indicators of Development Be aware of the various indicators used to measure development, their validity and their limitations. These indicators range from the simple component indices, that usually measure only economic development (GNP per capita or energy consumption per capita), to the multiple component indices that are more inclusive and attempt to measure the quality of life (Human Development Index).
Patterns of Development Draw broad conclusions about the spatial pattern of development at the global scale using a variety of measures. Recognize patterns within a country (core– periphery) and comment on changes over time in these spatial patterns. on facebook
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