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Origins of Disparities - London

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Watch and get a feeling for London

London - Map from memory
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The aim of this lesson:

To be able to explain disparities and inequities that occur within London resulting from ethnicity, residence, parental education, income, employment (formal and informal) and land ownership.
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Lives on the LIne

Explore Lives on the Line - which shows the life expectancy at birth of those living around each London Underground, London Overground and Docklands Light Railway (DLR) station and the rank of each London ward on the spectrum of Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index.

Which two London transport stations represent the opposite extremes of life expectancy?

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Assessment task

Describe and explain the disparities that exist in London.

[750-800 words, 15 marks. To access more than 8 marks you must be discussing at least three different categories of disparities.]

London Map
Geography ResourceBlank map of London - use it to make notes and label observations
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Focus One - Disparities in London - Income

English Indices of Deprivation 2010 | Alternative service:
Is there a link between the two London transport stations that represent the opposite extremes of life expectancy and the level of income in those areas?
The Guardian
  London's richest people worth 273 times more than the poorest [21 April 2010]
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Focus Two - Disparities in London - Residence

Visit the areas/wards of London you identified as being at the extremes of life expectancy - using Street View in either Google Maps or Google Earth. Collect some images (screenshots) of the extremes. Look at the availability of affordable housing.
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Focus Three - Disparities in London - Ethnicity

London Surnames
Are there any links between what you have seen in Focus One and Focus Two and the information presented in the map of London surnames?
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Focus Four - Disparities in London - Education and Employment

London Ward Atlas - GCSE
Explore the available data to find disparities in employment and education between the wards.
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Focus Five - Disparities in London - Health

New cases of Tuberculosis, by borough 2008
New cases of Tuberculosis, by borough 2008 [Source]
Hyperlink - Lives on the Line: Life Expectancy and Child Poverty as a Tube Map
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