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National (Internal) Migration - China

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Base knowledge and understanding

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The aim of this lesson:

  • To be able to evaluate internal (national) migration in terms of it's geographic (social, economic, environmental and political) impacts at it's origins and destinations.
  • To discuss the causes of voluntary, economic migration.
  • To use China as a case-study of internal (national) migration.
How could the following image be linked to the issue of national/internal migration?
Geography Activities


Geography Activities
Geography Activities

Task 1: Table Construction

Construct the following table on a large (A3) piece of paper:
Geographic (social, economic, political and environmental) impacts of Internal Migration at their origins and destinations



PositiveSocial Impacts


NegativeSocial Impacts


PositiveEconomic Impacts


NegativeEconomic Impacts


PositivePolitical Impacts


NegativePolitical Impacts


PositiveEnvironmental Impacts


NegativeEnvironmental Impacts

Geography Activities
Geography Activities

Task 2: Adding general notes

Use textbook resources (such as those suggested below) to start to add general (non-case study specific) notes to your table. Your table needs to focus upon internal migration even though you may get your ideas from both internal and external migration sources.
Pages 20-22
Pages 369-371
Geography Activities
Geography Activities

Task 3: Adding examples based upon internal migration in China

We are now going to add examples to your table based upon the internal migration situation in China:
Geography Activities


Geography Activities

Video sources

Geography Activities

News sources

BBC News
  China's workers return to cities [8 September 2009]
New York Times

China Fears Restive Migrants As Jobs Disappear in Cities [2 December 2008]

  'I work from 8am to 8pm. I had to leave my two-year-old son behind' [6 July 2008]
New York Times
  On the Move [12 April 2008]
Geography Review


Short response exam style question:
Referring to a specific example, describe the positive | negative impacts that national (internal) migrations have at their origins | destinations. [6 Marks]
Extended response exam style question:

"Migrations within a county's borders have greater negative impacts at their origin than their destination.' Discuss this statement. [15 Marks]

The markbands can be found here - you need to look at Paper 1.

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