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Adjustments: Reducing Vulnerability

Adjustments: Damage Limitation

Disaster Responses

Factors Affecting Adjustments and Responses


Hazard Management

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Tsunami Warning
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Adjustments and responses to hazards and disasters

Responses to the risk of hazard events

  • Discuss the usefulness of assessing risk before deciding the strategies of adjustment and response to a hazard.
  • Describe attempts that have been made to reduce vulnerability by spreading the risk (aid, insurance) and by land-use planning (zoning).

Before the event

  • Describe strategies designed to limit the damage from potential hazard events and disasters.

Short-term, mid-term and long-term responses after the event

  • Describe the range of responses, at the community, national and international levels, during and after a hazard event or disaster.
  • Distinguish between rescue, rehabilitation and reconstruction responses.
  • Explain how these responses are affected by individual and community perceptions.
  • Examine the factors that affected the choice of adjustments before, and responses to, actual hazard events or disasters.
  • Discuss the importance of re-assessing risk, and re-examining vulnerability, following any major hazard event or disaster. on facebook
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