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Socio-cultural Exchanges

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A mixing of cultures! An elderly gentleman and his mobile phone, nr the Algerian border, Morocco

Sociocultural exchanges

Cultural diffusion: the process

  • Describe cultural traits in terms of language, customs, beliefs, dress, images, music, food and technology.
  • Examine the diffusion of cultural traits resulting from the international movement of workers, tourists and commodities.

Consumerism and culture

  • Describe the role of TNCs and the media in spreading consumer culture.
  • Select two different branded commodities and examine the spatial and temporal pattern of adoption on a global scale.

Sociocultural integration

  • Examine the role of diasporas in preserving culture in one country and the adoption of minority traits by host societies.
  • Examine the impact of cultural diffusion on one indigenous and remote society through the influence of international interactions.
  • Examine the ways in which international interactions may result in the homogenization and dilution of culture.
  • Define and exemplify the concept of cultural imperialism. on facebook
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