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6.1 Geopolitical and economic risks

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1. Geopolitical and economic risks

Geographic inquiry: How technological and globalizing processes create new geopolitical and economic risks for individuals and societies

  • Threats to individuals and businesses:
    • hacking, identity theft and the implications of surveillance for personal freedoms
    • political, economic and physical risks to global supply chain flows
  • New and emerging threats to the political and economic sovereignty of states:
    • profit repatriation and tax avoidance by TNCs and wealthy individuals
    • disruptive technological innovations, such as drones and 3D printing
  • The correlation between increased globalization and renewed nationalism/tribalization
    • Two detailed examples to illustrate geopolitical tension/conflict
  • Synthesis, evaluation and skills opportunities: How the advantages of globalization must be weighed against heightened possibilities of new geopolitical and economic risks on facebook
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