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5.3 Local responses to global interactions

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3. Local responses to global interactions

Geographic inquiry: The varying power of local places and actors to resist or accept change

  • Local and civil society resistance to global interactions:
    • rejection of globalized production, including campaigns against TNCs and in favour of local sourcing of food and goods by citizens
    • rise of anti-immigration movements
  • Geopolitical constraints on global interactions:
    • government and militia controls on personal freedoms to participate in global interactions
    • national trade restrictions, including protectionism and resource nationalism
  • The role of civil society in promoting international-mindedness and participating in global interactions, including social media use and campaigning for internet freedom
    • Two detailed examples of places where restricted freedoms have been challenged
  • Synthesis, evaluation and skills opportunities: How acceptance of, or resistance to, global interactions takes different forms and occurs at different scales on facebook
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