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5.2 Changing identities and cultures

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Glocalization in France: McDonalds and their Croque McDo

2. Changing identities and cultures

Geographic inquiry: How global interactions bring cultural influences and changes to places

  • The global spectrum of cultural traits, ethnicities and identities, and ways in which the spectrum of diversity is widening or narrowing at different scales
  • The effects of global interactions on cultural diversity in different places:
    • the diffusion of cultural traits, and cultural imperialism
    • glocalization of branded commodities, and cultural hybridity
    • cultural landscape changes in the built environment
  • How diasporas influence cultural diversity and identity at both global and local scales
    • Case study of a global diaspora population and its cultures(s)
  • Synthesis, evaluation and skills opportunities: Differing evidence and perspectives on how diversity is changing at local, national and global scales on facebook
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