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5.1 Development opportunities

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Smelly work with potent chemicals, Marrakesh Tanneries, Morocco

1. Development opportunities

Geographic inquiry: Ways of supporting the processes of human development

  • The multidimensional process of human development and ways to measure it:
    • UN Sustainable Development Goals criteria
    • validity and reliability of development indicators and indices, including the human development index (HDI) and gender inequality index (GII)
    • empowering women and indigenous or minority groups
    • Detailed illustrative examples of affirmative action to close the development gap
  • The importance of social entrepreneurship approaches for human development:
    • the work of microfinance organizations and their networks
    • alternative trading networks such as “Fairtrade”
    • TNC corporate social responsibility frameworks and global agreements
  • Synthesis, evaluation and skills opportunities: How actions to support human development involve spatial interactions from local to global scales on facebook
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