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4. 3 Human and physical influences on global interactions

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A mixing of cultures! An elderly gentleman and his mobile phone, nr the Algerian border, Morocco

3. Human and physical influences on global interactions

Geographic inquiry: How political, technological and physical processes influence global interactions

  • Political factors that affect global interactions:
    • multi-governmental organizations (MGOs) and free trade zones
    • economic migration controls and rules
  • Our “shrinking world” and the forces driving technological innovation:
    • changing global data flow patterns and trends
    • transport developments over time
    • patterns and trends in communication infrastructure and use
  • The influence of the physical environment on global interactions:
    • natural resource availability
    • the potentially limiting effect of geographic isolation, at varying scales
  • Synthesis, evaluation and skills opportunities: How processes that influence spatial interactions are interlinked in complex ways that accelerate globalization on facebook
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