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2.3 Responding to global climate change

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3. Responding to global climate change

Geographic inquiry: Possibilities for responding to climate change and power over the decision-making process

  • Disparities in exposure to climate change risk and vulnerability, including variations in people’s location, wealth, social differences (age, gender, education), risk perception
    • Detailed examples of two or more societies with contrasting vulnerability
  • Government-led adaptation and mitigation strategies for global climate change:
    • global geopolitical efforts, recognizing that the source/s of greenhouse gas emissions may be spatially distant from the countries most impacted
    • carbon emissions offsetting and trading
    • technology, including geo-engineering
  • Civil society and corporate strategies to address global climate change
    • Case study of the response to climate change in one country focusing on the actions of non-governmental stakeholders
  • Synthesis, evaluation and skills opportunities: Why perspectives and viewpoints may be different about the need for, practicality and urgency of action on global climate change on facebook
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