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Introduction to Health

IB DP Geography
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This unit will involve a great deal of exploration and involve using a range of web tools and materials. You will be exploring issues surrounding food and health, and the relationships between the two.
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Food is one of the most important things ...
Image: Food is one of the most important things ..., a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from geographyalltheway_photos's photostream

There is a saying – you are what you eat!

Geography Activities

Think about these questions:

  • Are any of the foods actually unhealthy by themselves ?
  • Which foods would not be available all over the world ?
  • Which foods would be the best to eat to have a healthy heart ?
  • Which foods would be the least healthy options ?
  • Which of the foods pictured do you eat most often ?
  • Which foods should come with a  ‘health warning’ ?

We are going to start by exploring your own health, and the variations that exist in overall quality of health and standards of health care. This will be followed by an introduction to some of the measures that are used to determine whether a country has good health or not. This section will conclude by looking at coronary heart disease in the UK and the measures that are being taken to prevent it. Most of these are wrapped up with the issue of food.

Health is defined by The World Health Organisation as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being’. [Source]
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