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Variations in health

  • Describe the variations in health as reflected by changes in life expectancy at national and global scales since 1950.
  • Explain the patterns and trends in terms of differences in income and lifestyle.

Measuring health

  • Evaluate life expectancy, infant mortality rate (IMR) and child mortality, HALE (health-adjusted life expectancy), calorie intake, access to safe water and access to health services as indicators of health.

Prevention relative to treatment

  • Discuss the geographic factors that determine the relative emphasis placed by policy-makers, in one country or region, on prevention as opposed to treatment of disease.
Alan Parkinson   These Geography of Food and Health resources were written by Alan Parkinson and edited by Richard Allaway. Alan is a an independent geography consultant, author and trainer, fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Chartered Geographer and founder member of the Geography Collective. on facebook
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