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Global patterns of disease

  • Explain the global distribution of diseases of affluence.
  • Explain the global distribution of diseases of poverty.

The spread of disease

  • Explain how the geographic concepts of diffusion by relocation and by expansion apply to the spread of diseases.
  • Examine the application of the concept of barriers in attempts to limit the spread of diseases.
  • Describe the factors that have enabled reduction in incidence of a disease.

Geographic factors and impacts

  • Examine the geographic factors responsible for the incidence and spread of two diseases.
  • Evaluate the geographic impact of these two diseases at the local, national and international scales.
  • Evaluate the management strategies that have been applied in any one country or region for one of these diseases.
Alan Parkinson   These Geography of Food and Health resources were written by Alan Parkinson and edited by Richard Allaway. Alan is a an independent geography consultant, author and trainer, fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Chartered Geographer and founder member of the Geography Collective. on facebook
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