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Food systems and spread of diseases

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2. Food systems and spread of diseases

Geographic inquiry: How physical and human processes lead to changes in food production and consumption, and incidence and spread of disease

  • The merits of a systems approach (inputs, stores, transfers, outputs) to compare energy efficiency and water footprints in food production, and relative sustainability in different places
  • The physical and human processes that can lead to variations in food consumption
  • The importance of diffusion (including adoption/acquisition, expansion, relocation) in the spread of agricultural innovations, and also in the spread of diseases, and the role of geogrageographic factors (including physical, economic and political barriers) in the rate of diffusion
  • Geographic factors contributing to the incidence, diffusion and impacts (demographic and socio-economic) of vector-borne and water-borne diseases
    • One detailed example of a vector-borne disease and one detailed example of a water-borne disease on facebook
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