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Physical processes and landscapes

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Extreme Environments: The mighty Aletsch Glacier, Bernese Alps, Valais, Switzerland

2. Physical processes and landscapes

Geographic inquiry: How physical processes create unique landscapes in extreme environments

  • Glacial processes of erosion, transport and deposition, and landscape features in glaciated areas, including cirques/corries, lakes, pyramidal peaks/horns, arêtes, glacial troughs; lateral, medial and terminal moraine and erratics
  • Periglacial processes of freeze-thaw, solifluction and frost heave, and periglacial landscape features, including permafrost, thermokarst, patterned ground and pingos
  • Physical and chemical weathering in hot arid environments, and erosion, transportation and deposition by wind and water
  • Hot, arid landscape features, including dunes, wadis, rock pedestals, mesas and buttes on facebook
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