IB DP Geography - Paper 2 revision

Unit Contents


Paper 2 - Case studies and detailed examples


Paper 2 - Bowl Game

  1. Cut out the 20 keyword squares, fold them and put into a bowl.
  2. Students get into groups of four - made up of two teams of two. Student A and C, Student B and D.
  3. Round One: A sixty second countdown starts and student A takes a keyword from the bowl. He/she must get his/her team member (Student C) to say what is on keyword square without using the keywords themselves. Once Student C correctly states what is on the keyword square Student A takes another one from the bowl and again tries to get Student C to say the keywords. This process stops once sixty seconds ends. It is then Student B's turn for sixty seconds with his/her team mate Student D, then Student C and then Student D … until all the keywords have been done. A score is counted per team and the keywords are returned to the bowl.
  4. Round Two: the same principal as Round One but this time it is done without words, like a game of 'charades'.
  5. Round Three: this time all that can be said is the initials of the keywords.
  6. Round Four: This time only one word can be used - but it must not be one of the keywords.