Internal assessment - an overview

The purpose of the IA is for you to demonstrate the application of your skills and knowledge without the time limitations and other constraints that are associated with examination papers.

Adapted from the IB Geography Guide

Fieldwork question

How do the fluvial characteristics of a river change with distance from the source?

  1. Put the fieldwork question into your own words.
  2. Make some predictions - How do the fluvial characteristics of a river change with distance from the source?
  3. Write a hypothesis (this is just an example at this point) that you could use for your IA.

Variables that you will measure

We will collect all the fieldwork data together. You will collect more data than you will necessarily need. You do not have to use all the collected data in your IA.

Mr Allaway
  • Occupied Channel Width
  • Bankfull Width
  • Wetted Perimeter
  • Gradient
  • Cross sectional area
  • Velocity
  • Bedload size
  • Bedload shape
  1. Build a table that include the following:
    • A definition for each of the terms in the list above.
    • A brief outline of how you would measure each of the variables using fieldwork techniques.
Wetted Perimeter
Cross section
Bankfull width
Bedload size
Bedload shape
Floating item method

The River Asse

Freshwater: Nyon and the river Asse, Switzerland - the site for our internal assessment
Link - The River Asse


Wikipedia - Asse (Suisse)

  1. Looking at the catchment area for the river - using the various layers/maps on - what could affect the 'fluvial characteristics' of the river Asse with distance from the source?
  2. The site holds a whole range of interesting/useful layers of geospatial data - what can you find that could be useful for the production of your IA?
  3. Use to generate a factsheet about the drainage basin of the river Asse.