Internal assessment - sampling, calculations and fieldwork sites




Field Studies Council - Sampling


Royal Geographical Society - Sampling techniques

  1. How were the data collection sites chosen? Is there a better way of choosing data collection sites? What is sampling?


Cross-sectional area

  1. How would you calculate the cross-section of the river as accurately as possible (but still only using fieldwork techniques)?


  1. How would you calculate the velocity of the river?


  1. What are the units for river discharge?
  2. How is river discharge calculated?

Hydraulic radius

  1. What is 'hydraulic radius' a measure of?
  2. How is hydraulic radius calculated?
  3. The higher the hydraulic radius...
Geo tool

Location of each fieldwork site


  1. Screenshot the landuse around at least three of the data collection sites and explain how the landuse may impact the fluvial characteristics.

The location of each fieldwork site was recording using the iOS app GPS Tracks. Altitude data was available from GPS Tracks and verified against values given by Google Earth Pro for Desktop. The 'distance from source' data was calculated using the 'Measure distances and areas' tool in Google My Maps.

Geo tool

Photospheres of each fieldwork site

The photospheres were captured using a DJI Spark drone at an altitude of 80 metres above the fieldwork site.