Internal assessment - using ArcGIS Online

There is no skill demonstrated in pressing 'Print' to produce a map. You need to demonstrate the mapping skills that you have!

Mr Allaway
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Understanding the basics of using ArcGIS Online


Getting Started with Maps and Data in ArcGIS Online

  1. Ensure you have a functioning ArcGIS Online account. International School of Geneva - Campus des Nations students access ArcGIS Online at
  2. Complete the 'Getting Started with Maps and Data in ArcGIS Online' series of exercises to help you become more comfortable with the use of ArcGIS. You can skip step 3 if you wish.
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Smartphone apps you need to install


ArcGIS Survey123

ArcGIS Survey123

Survey123 can be used 'in the field' to record and collate data, locations and images. One benefit of using Survey123 is that is it quick and easy to move the data in ArcGIS Online and to start to analyses the results.



The Swisstopo app is an smartphone/tablet version of - the super useful mapping service from the Swiss government.

  1. Ensure you have the Survey123 app installed on your smartphone.
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Campus des Nations Survey123 Surveys

Training App - Trees

This app will be used to explore the possibilities of data collection with Survey123.

The River Asse

This is the app that will be used on the data collection day. Each group needs to have one person recording the data on the app (as well as recording it in your IA booklets).

  1. Ensure that you have downloaded both of the surveys above within the Survey123 app.

Survey123 reflection

Don't allow anonymous access as it makes 'cleaning' the data more difficult.

Allow submitters to add and update records.

Ensure you allow multiple submissions.

Consider using a series of smaller surveys - one for velocity, one for cross section, one for sediment etc.

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Using ArcGIS Online to produce located proportional symbols

It is a quick process to add data to an ArcGIS Online base map as long as your spreadsheet of data is correctly set up. [Using data collected by Survey123 allows you to skip some of these steps.]

Google Drive

Google Sheets - L'Asse - Fieldwork sites

  1. Make a copy of the Google Sheet linked to above.
  2. Add some (made up data) into column F.
  3. Download the Google Sheet as a .csv file somewhere sensible on your computer.
  4. Open a new map on ArcGIS Online.
  5. Drag the .csv file onto the open map tab in your browser.
  6. See what you can do...
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Useful ArcGIS Online resources for educators


Getting Started with Survey123


River fieldwork - Calculating Cross Sectional Area, Hydraulic Radius, Velocity and Discharge using ArcGIS Online


Getting started with 3D maps in ArcGIS