Geography extended essay assessment


For educators

There are two marked examples (with the RPPF) on the IBO's Extended Essay mini-site:

  • A [23/34 ]To what extent has the influx of technological and financial transnational corporations in the Grand Canal Dock area given rise to disparities between this and the Irishtown-Ringsend area?
  • B [32/34] What is the pattern of availability of public services, measured by access to healthcare, education and public transport in the districts of Warsaw, and does this pattern correlate with the average prices of real-estate properties?

For workshop leaders

Category 1 workshops →

  • A - To what extent has the development of orpington Town centre and the decline of Dartford Town centre impacted the towns' spheres of influence?
  • B - Has the district of Kreuzberg (Berlin, Germany) benefited from Urban tourism?

Category 2 workshops →

  • A - What is the effect of phosphates, nitrates, dissolved oxygen and pH on the health of the Credit River through analysis of data?
  • B - To what extent are ethnic and religious enclaves still present in Toronto and what factors have resulted in changes to their concentration and location? Why?