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The 'How do you know what you don't know?' newsletter

How do you know what you don't know?

The plan is to try something new in 2022.

I am going to do a weekly (roughly) newsletter. On a Tuesday, something not too long, four items in total, with the hope that you find something that you didn’t know and that is useful to you.

How do you know what you don’t know? is about spreading some of the things that I am finding useful and sharing it in an easily accessible and digestible way.

The first item will be for all geographers based on bigger ideas and everyday geographies. The idea behind the second item is something that is more focused on the needs of IB DP geographers, educators and students. The item will be linked to the syllabus but other geography educators and students may find it useful too. The third section is a quick update on something I am working on. New content added to, or refreshed on geographyalltheway, something I have recently written, or am involved in. The fourth and final item will be bit more random. It will be a recommendation. Probably a bit techie, an app, an online service, or similar.

The ‘How do you know what you don’t know?’ newsletter is free, and isn’t (just) for geographyalltheway subscribers. I will try to keep the links to content behind the paywall to an absolute minimum!

Every school needs a copy (or multiple copies) of 'Why Study Geography?'

Why Study Geography?

Alan Parkinson - an award-winning geography teacher, and author, Vice President of the Geographical Association, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and Chartered Geographer - has written a new book → Why Study Geography?

The book is the second title in the London Publishing Partnership 'Why Study' series and is a must read for all students considering studying geography at university or wondering whether a geography degree will get them a good job.

I will be ensuring we have copies in the Individuals and Societies department, the school library and with the school's college counsellors.