Four more podcasts added to

#ibgeog Podcasts app

I have added four more podcasts to bringing the current total to 211 curated podcasts for IB DP Geography.

The four I have added are a series from the BBC World Service's The Compass podcast. The series is titled → Water: Too Much And Not Enough. I have added the podcasts to the Freshwater geographic theme but there is definite overlaps with Unit 3.

Revising Unit 2 - Global climate - vulnerability and resilience through pictures

I produced this resource to help my students revision Unit 2 - Global climate - vulnerability and resilience. The resources is basically a set of images that cover the major elements of the unit. The students needed to annotate the images with how they linked to the required content, their significance and the questions they could be asked about such things.

This resource can be found embedded upon the Unit 2: Global climate - vulnerability and resilience revision page.

Paper 2 Case studies and detailed examples matrix

Quick post for a matrix I created, a couple of weeks ago, for a revision lesson. Started off with an 'active recall' approach of seeing what students could remember, then discussion and then onto reviewing notes.

I am trying to be more proactive about posting (telling site users) about things I have added and changed. Let's see how long this approach continues.

Try the KFC approach to exam questions

I rather liked this exam question breakdown approach from @JB_GeogTeacher.

After having using it successfully, for a couple of weeks, with my DP2 students I decided to produce a version for the classroom wall. Here it is if you fancy downloading it →

I have also added it to the Geography Classroom Display Material page on

UPDATE - source of the KFC idea → Developing AO3 Skills.

New 'Locate and differentiate elements of the Earth’s surface' page added

I have developed a new page to support the 'map skills' needed by IB DP Geography students. The page → 'Locate and differentiate elements of the Earth’s surface - aka Map skills' is broken down by the skills listed in the guide. The page includes exam style questions to illustrate how each of the skills may need to be applied along with some useful teaching materials.

Locate and differentiate elements of the Earth’s surface - aka Map skills

The page is currently free to access for everybody and can be found as part of the 2019 IB DP Geography → IB DP Geography Exam preparation section of the site.

Please do get in contact via email / Twitter / LinkedIn if you have any feedback upon the infographics and the exam style questions.