Blog and remote learning - an update

I have been adding more prompts and structure to each page of to ensure productive student outcomes.

All of Units 1 to 6 - all of Paper 2: Global Change and Paper 3: Global Interactions - now have additional prompts and questions to support remote learning.

If you require any help with - it's use with students, broken links, missing videos or arranging access to the subscription content - please get in contact.

Remote learning

Online IB Category 1 DP Geography workshop - lead by me - in December

Online Category 1 DP Geography workshop

I will be leading an official online IB Category 1 DP Geography workshop in December.

The workshop is being organised by St Clare's Oxford and all the necessary information can be found here.

Join me online for 2.5 days of focused reflection upon what is needed to be successful as a DP Geography educator. For those who haven't quite started teaching DP Geography yet - it will help prepare you to teach the course effectively. If you have recently started teaching the course it will help you reflect upon what you have done so far and what you plan to do next.

We will focus on the content of the Geography guide as well as its conceptual framework, the internal and external assessment requirements and ways to structure the two-year course.

You will be encouraged to think geographically and conceptually, while making links across the whole DP course to enhance your understanding of the 'big picture'. We will spend time discussing and selecting suitable resources that support the teaching and learning in a DP geography classroom.

All IGCSE geography materials now on new platform

geographyalltheway - IGCSE Geography

All the IGCSE geography materials on are free to access and have been moved to the new platform.

I haven't taught these resources for 10 years+ but I am told that a lot of them are still useful. I have been through them all - so all the links and videos should work. Moving the resources from the old to the new platform was a project that started during lockdown and I got round to finishing it this last week.

Every school needs a copy (or multiple copies) of 'Why Study Geography?'

Why Study Geography?

Alan Parkinson - an award-winning geography teacher, and author, Vice President of the Geographical Association, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and Chartered Geographer - has written a new book → Why Study Geography?

The book is the second title in the London Publishing Partnership 'Why Study' series and is a must read for all students considering studying geography at university or wondering whether a geography degree will get them a good job.

I will be ensuring we have copies in the Individuals and Societies department, the school library and with the school's college counsellors.

Now with more 'Oceans and coastal margins'

Oceans and coastal margins

The IB DP Geography podcast app has had a bit of attention over the last couple of days.

There has been a bit of a 're-brand' to - a longer name but an easier address to share and remember.

Gemma Archer kindly shared with me her choice of podcasts for teaching 'Oceans and coastal margins'. This has added another 26 podcasts to the app.

I have started the 'Leisure, tourism and sport' section - but as I do not teach this unit there is not such stuff there. If you have any podcast suggestions to add to please use the online form here and I'll get them added. now curates 169 podcasts!