Every school needs a copy (or multiple copies) of 'Why Study Geography?'

Why Study Geography?

Alan Parkinson - an award-winning geography teacher, and author, Vice President of the Geographical Association, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and Chartered Geographer - has written a new book → Why Study Geography?

The book is the second title in the London Publishing Partnership 'Why Study' series and is a must read for all students considering studying geography at university or wondering whether a geography degree will get them a good job.

I will be ensuring we have copies in the Individuals and Societies department, the school library and with the school's college counsellors.

Now with more 'Oceans and coastal margins'

Oceans and coastal margins

The IB DP Geography podcast app has had a bit of attention over the last couple of days.

There has been a bit of a 're-brand' to - a longer name but an easier address to share and remember.

Gemma Archer kindly shared with me her choice of podcasts for teaching 'Oceans and coastal margins'. This has added another 26 podcasts to the app.

I have started the 'Leisure, tourism and sport' section - but as I do not teach this unit there is not such stuff there. If you have any podcast suggestions to add to please use the online form here and I'll get them added. now curates 169 podcasts!

Did you know Google Earth could now do this? at Discover the World Education TeachMeet

Discover the World Education TeachMeet

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being one of the 'storytellers' at the Discover the World Education TeachMeet. The event had a real international feel - with speakers joining from the UK, US, Costa Rica, France (me) and the Balearic Islands.

The story I told was 'Did you know Google Earth could now do this?' focusing on the use of Earth for web.

The Google Earth Project that I mentioned during the Teachmeet was designed as a revision activity for IB DP Geography students. You can explore the project here.

138 podcasts

Geophysical hazards

#ibgeog Podcasts now curates 138 podcasts for IB DP Geography.

Sara Liversidge, who teaches at Wesley College in Melbourne, contributed the Geophysical hazards podcasts as this is a geographic theme that I do not currently teach.

Today I added two podcasts - one to Freshwater and one to Unit 6. Costing the Earth - Flooding Britain and Beyond Today - What are police cameras doing with your face print?