Glacial landforms with Google Earth on web

Geo tool


Create a Earth on web project that guides users through glacial landforms and explains their formation.



  1. Each landform is featured as a different placemark, showcased in either Google Earth's 3D imagery or as a photosphere.
  2. There are at least 3 'Fullscreen slides' which introduce and add structure to your project.
  3. Placemark icons are used to differentiate between erosional and depositional landforms.
  4. Each placemark:
    1. Explains the formation of the landform
    2. Has at least one image or video clip
    3. Has a well chosen title


Consider using the following glaciers as starting points for finding the landforms to feature in your project:

  • Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland
  • Rhône Glacier, Switzerland
  • Mer de Glace, France
  • Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Landforms created by erosion

Extreme Environments: Cirque (Corrie) of Glacier de Talefre from Aiguelle du Midi, Mont Blanc Massif, France


Glacial Landscapes - The Lauterbrunnen Valley seen from Männlichen, Switzerland

U Shaped Valley

Bridalveil Falls

Hanging Valley

Extreme Environments - Arêtes, Glaciers and Cirques - Plateau du Trient and Glacier du Trient, France


Extreme Environments: A pyramidal peak or glacial horn - The Matterhorn, Switzerland

Pyramidal Peak


Landforms created by deposition

Extreme Environments: One of the Norber Erratics, Austwick, North Yorkshire Dales, UK


Extreme Environments: The Glacier de Cheilon, Mont Blanc de Cheilon and Cabine des Dix - Val d'Hérens, Valais, Switzerland

Lateral Moraines

Extreme Environments: Looking towards the source of the Aletsch Glacier, Bernese Alps, Valais, Switzerland

Medial Moraines

terminal moraine

Terminal Moraines

Extreme Environments: Drumlins from Glacier des Ecoulaies, below Rochers du Bouc [3314 m], Valais, Switzerland



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