Teachers' notes

The aim of this mini-site

The aim of this site is to support the 'Who Killed Eduardo Sierra?' mystery. The mystery introduces and investigates the themes of migration and globalisation of industrial processes.

Using this mini-site

More information on 'mysteries' as a 'thinking through geography' approach can be found on in this book:

One of the main features of a mystery exercise is the sorting of information. I have attempted to present the information as a series of images which can be clicked through.

I will still give my students the information/evidence as pieces of card and get them to sort the information. The presentation of information/evidence on this site will help support the students through follow-up exercise etc.


SCAA (now QCDA) and Adam Nichols who created the original mystery activity as a QCA KS3 Geography Standard Task.

The original documents have been sent to me and can be found here:

Russel Tarr from activehistory.co.uk for the idea of using SitePal Talking Heads in an educational context. Check out his Head2Head Virtual Interviews.


This is a fictional murder investigation being used as an educational resource. All names, locations and identities are fictional.

Feedback and suggestions welcomed via email.