Teachers' notes

The aim of this mini-site

This teaching resource has been designed for AS/A2/IB DP Geography students (but I have used it with 11-16 pupils) to use when studying migration and population movement related topics.

This teaching resource is designed as a mystery with the students researching the background to the 20 foot (6 metre) boat.

Using this mini-site

More information on 'mysteries' as a 'thinking through geography' approach can be found on in this book:

One of the main features of a mystery exercise is the sorting of information. I have attempted to present the information as a series of images which can be clicked through.

I will still give my students the information/evidence as pieces of card and get them to sort the information. The presentation of information/evidence on this site will help support the students through follow-up exercise etc.


Indra Persaud for the original idea of producing a mystery based on this news story.

Russel Tarr from activehistory.co.uk for the idea of using SitePal Talking Heads in an educational context. Check out his Head2Head Virtual Interviews.


This educational resource has been produced using information gathered for internet news sources.

Dr. Thompson is fictional but all the information is based as closely as possible on actual documented incidents.

I understand that this is a real and saddening situation and hope that this resource does the issues justice and enables learning and understanding.

Feedback and suggestions welcomed via email.