Developing Digital Data Literacy

The D3: Developing Digital Data literacy project is a project funded with support from the European Commission.

D3 – Developing Digital Data literacy relates to the need for information literacy for all citizens in Europe. Eradicating present-day problems such as the rise of populism and mis-information in all its forms and dimensions is one of the greatest challenges faced in Europe.

Take moment to explore the teacher training materials and the toolkit. Within the toolkit you will find a set of 15 'lesson blueprints' as well as a searchable dataset of useful Open Data.

The 'Open Data Tools' includes all the usuals (Gapminder, Worldmapper, Google Arts and Culture) as well as many other tools that I hadn't come across before, such as →

The 'lesson blueprints' are there to assist teachers with the creation of lesson resources. Alongside the tools, there are practical suggestions for connecting the ideas explored with students’ own lives.

I particularly like 0110: What is Google (not) telling me? and 0111: How can we filter the ‘signal’ from the ‘noise’?. The development of meaningful digital citizenship focused resources that can be delivered by teachers of any specialism is always a challenge. I will be starting my use of the D3: Developing Digital Data literacy project resources with these. Filter bubbles, social media echo chambers, fake news, 'signal' and 'noise' are all items of vocabulary that teachers and students should be competent in using.