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The best off-the-shelf lesson planning resource that I have ever used.

Mr Peter Price MA, CGeog

An astonishing teacher-produced site which continues to out perform any of the major educational publishers’ offerings in terms of creativity, relevance and geographical rigour. A subscription to the site is an absolute bargain for any school, whether following IB DP Geography or not. The future of geography is bright, and this site will take you all the way…

Geographer, Author and Head of Geography at King's Ely Junior

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Remote learning with

The closure of schools across the world is requiring more and more educators and students to go online., the repository of my teaching materials, has been online since 2006. The 16+ resources (designed for IB DP Geography) require a subscription to access them. All the other resources on the site are free for anybody to use.

The school at which I teach moved from campus-based to home-based learning on Tuesday 17th March. As I teach my lessons remotely I am adding more prompts and structure to each page to ensure productive student outcomes. The growing list of remote learning 'ready' resources can be found here.


Remote teaching and podcasts is a different approach I am trying with my DP2 students due the cancellation of their final exams.

The gatw Menu

The gatw Spring Break Menu is here to give you some geographical focus during the 'lockdown' Spring Break holiday.